Client's comments

Joanna, ArizonaWoensdag 27 April 

Help to make decisions

"Our online sessions help me a lot. You are a good therapist for me right now. I appreciate how our sessions help me make important decisions and see inside of things, however hard those truths may be sometimes. I feel so powerful to be able to make important decisions about my life, and the way you have guided me has been good for me. I've had other therapists in the past for years that did not help me as much as you have in only the few sessions we've done. I'm healing now and I'm starting to feel very good, much better."

Angela, SpainWoensdag 27 April 

Helping during lockdown

"I had sessions with Inge online during the lockdown and they were a great help. It was difficult being at home with just my partner as we were having difficult relationship problems. Inge was there for me to help me process what was happening and to rebalance and become stronger in myself. She also supported me and my partner through a move to a bigger place, which has meant we have more space and has proved to be beneficial. Inge brought her intuition into play so that she could give me advice that went to the heart of the issues I was dealing with. There are hidden sides to Inge which you will discover when you start working with her. She does a lot more than a regular counsellor."

Claudia, MarylandWoensdag 27 April 

Sensitive issues

"Inge is an intelligent, kind and caring individual who is experienced in dealing with sensitive issues. Inge differs to a ‘traditional’ counsellor in that she is also highly intuitive and perceptive and is often able to provide valuable insights to her clients and effectively support them on their journey."

Andrew, UKWoensdag 27 April 


"She is incredibly professional and helpful and will approach a problem from a number of angles in order to resolve it."

Sarah, IrelandWoensdag 27 April 

Holistic basis

"I can highly recommend Inge’s sessions to anyone who is looking for answers on a holistic basis – including body, mind and soul!"

Louise, BelgiumWoensdag 27 April 


"Skype sessions with Inge are as if she would be right next to me. I can feel the connection even if Inge is thousands of miles away in a physical way. We work on my insomnia as well as emotionally issues- which is amazing not being in the same room! The use of mindfulness in the session is amazing and enables me to relax deeply."

Beata, GermanyWoensdag 27 April 

Online sessions

"I met Inge through a recommendation of a friend of mine and was instantly blown away by her knowledge, intuitive way and kind being. I felt immediately comfortable with the session and when she suggested that we continue the matrix via skype I had no doubt it would work. Since then, we are doing regularly sessions online which helped me, my body and my personal development a lot. I do not want to call it treatment – it is more of a treat for myself. Even though Inge is not physically next to me she can connect with my body and soul instantly, literally by a snap of her fingers. I can only recommend her amazing work and suggest everybody should experience how energized and vitalized one feels after the matrix. The touch of Matrix works fantastic – me being in Germany and her sitting in her clinic just like we are face to face! The results can be felt long after the actual appointment. Thank you, Inge"

Experience 1 - 7 / total: 7