About me

I help clients reduce stress, solve problems, and achieve physical and emotional wellbeing.

My approach combines counselling and psychotherapy, along with a number of healingtechniques, in order to treat clients on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels andprovide gentle redirection towards balance and fulfilment.

I offer all of these techniques online, drawing on my formal training, many years of experience with clients, and my own personal growth. I also naturally bring my intuitive and psychic abilities into the sessions. What this means for the client is that my responses will be insightful and incisive, enabling you to move more quickly towards a resolution. 
Having trained in several disciplines, I can work with a wide range of issues, and have a high rate of success. 

My experience in working as a corporate counsellor and having lived abroad for many years means that I have a unique insight into the expat lifestyle and so can offer specific counselling for people living away from their mother country. Of course my services are equally available to clients living anywhere in the world. 

Feel free to contact me for a chat if you’re interested in working with me.

My story

I was born and bred in the Netherlands, where I studied languages and became a university lecturer.  I went on to work as a teacher in a grammar school, but it became clear to me that I was more concerned about the emotional and mental health of the students than their academic success. At the same time I began to explore my own personal development. I found that traditional psychotherapy did not give the results I was hoping for so I embarked on a number of courses, including the one offered by the International School of Spiritual Psychology in the Netherlands, and completed their 7 year training. I then went on to qualify as a practitioner of the Touch of Matrix technique, and I now work as a therapist, energy healer and meditation teacher backed up by many years of experience, training and personal growth experience. 
I lived in Spain for many years where I worked with mainly expat clients. I have now returned to the Netherlands, where I’m able to continue to offer online support to expats as well as offering an in-person counselling service.


I hold the following qualifications in counselling and therapy:
  • Post-academic counselling diploma in The Valuation Theory and Self-Confrontation Method in the Netherlands, accredited by the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen(Dutch Institute of Psychologists) and by the Algemene beroepsvereniging voorCounselling (The Association of Counsellors).
  • Certified practitioner of Touch of Matrix Education, Netherlands. (www.touchofmatrix.nl). 
  • Seven-year diploma at the International School for Spiritual Psychology in the Netherlands. Additionally, I am qualified to teach the school’s courses. (www.isspnl.inner-growth.org)
I also hold the following academic qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Arts degree from the Hogeschool Katholieke Leergangen, (now Fontys University of Applied Sciences), Tilburg, Netherlands (1993- 1994).
  • Diploma in Teaching qualification (1994) in Developmental Psychology (particularly of adolescents), Educational Science and Remedial Education.
  • Master of Arts degree from HIVT Antwerp (now University of Antwerp), Belgium, (1983-1988) with diploma modules in Dutch, French, Italian, Sociology, History of Diplomacy, Sociology of Communication, and Economy of Third World Countries.